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MinuteClinic Founder

Our Practice


Dr. Smith is a board-certified family physician who has been practicing in the West Metro area for over 30 years. 

His areas of interest are sports medicine, acute illness care, occupational medicine and access to care issues.  Because of his committment to patient care, he is available 24/7 for his patients and has a telemedicine option for patients who are unable to get into the office. 


As the medical founder of MinuteClinic Dr. Smith believes in price transparency and patient care first .   He continues to be involved in medical entrepreneur ventures.  He believes that medical clinics that focus on their patients and the patient's needs are the real "health care revolution".  




Family Medicine Clinic

Owned and Operated by

MinuteClinic Medical Founder

COVID-19 PCR test of the nasaopharynx for acute infection now available in the clinic.  48 hours turnaround time usual depending on volume.  

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